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Artificial Intelligence

The term 'artificial intelligence' belongs to the same class of concepts like, for example, 'people's democracy'. The adjective changes everything. Just as 'people's democracy' was essentially a totalitarian system, it was therefore on the opposite pole in relation to what constitutes the encyclopedic definition of democracy. Similarly, 'artificial intelligence' term is used for essentially automatic – programmed systems, and therefore close to concepts such as 'unreflective' or 'instinctive'. That is also the opposite of what we expect from the human intelligence. And this was the genesis of the concept of artificial intelligence (AI) and such expectations are still being formulated.

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Autonomous Vehicle versus Autonomous Driving System (and 5G technology)

Driving a vehicle requires understanding of the World (surrounding us reality). This is fundamental statement, which has to be clearly and deeply understood. When we do understand it, along with the limitations of the computers, then the solution I want to propose shall become obvious and inevitable.

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Economics as a science

There is something wrong with economics. We have (had) plenty of economic theories. Many attempts to describe what happens there. Often contradictory. Yet, none of them proved reliable. At least, for a longer period. Can we then speak of economics as of a science? If it leads to nothing as trustworthy as physics, for instance? To what degree? Is the complicated economic mathematics justified? If we answer these questions, we can then ask what does it tell us about our reality. Why is it, as it is.

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About humility, or why discussion is pointless

The virtue of humility, once well-known and practiced, today disregarded and forgotten. Replaced by its opposite – assertiveness. Was it a wise move for the mankind? Is humility really obsolete and unnecessary? What are the results of the lack of humility for a person and for a society? It may seem impractical to ask such questions in the era of success and continuous development. When everything seems to confirm, that we are right.

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